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Bread slicer machine price in Kenya

Bread slicer machine price in Kenya
Bread slicer machine price in Kenya
Bread slicer machine price in Kenya

Bread Slicer Machine Specifications

Model: TR-31
Size: 650X740X780mm
Power: 0.25kW.
Thickness: 31pcs, 1.2cm
Volts: 220-240V/50Hz

Price: Ksh 88,000/=

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A knife accident might easily happen in a busy setting where you are servicing hundreds of clients. A knife injury can sabotage the day's overall output or, at worse, result in catastrophic and permanent injury. Instilling bread slicing equipment at your bakery is one of the quickest and simplest ways to keep people safe at work.

Industrial bread slicers are designed with safety and efficacy, shielding users from cutters and facilitating the safe cutting of various pieces of bread or other baked goods.

Cutting regular slices from entire loaves is easier with bread slicer machines, which are box-shaped appliances. Nevertheless, slicers can differ based on how much bread you need to cut into slices or how thin you want them to be.

Important Features to consider when purchasing

If you're unsure whether your loaf will fit, double-check the interior measurements of the bread slicer instead of the external factors.

The following are features that one should carefully assess;


There is less likelihood of bread slipping around when using slicers with fixed-size blade rails that latch into place. You can modify the slice thickness with other slicers. This feature allows you to choose between making thinner, waffle iron slices and keeping your mind open for dishes including toast or crostini, which call for larger bread fragments.


The cost of plastic is characteristically lower, and plastic slicers are lighter. They are top-rack and, at the same time, dishwashing safe.

Bread slicers made of wood are more durable and can readily withstand accidental cuts without significantly damaging when dropped or bumped against a surface.


Numerous bread slicers may be folded flat and disassembled for storage. Few customers need to chop loaves regularly; thus, this is a clever feature.

Avoid harming your staff members. You can streamline your business operations by ordering specialized bread slicer machine.

We are the leading supplier of bakery equipment and provide the bread slicer machine price in Kenya at an affordable rate.

To find out more information about our pastry equipment, contact us. Our dedicated customer service staff will gladly handle your precise needs.