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Car Washing Machines

Car Washing Machines
Car Washing Machines
Car Washing Machines


Pacwell 3450psi (Single Phase) - Ksh 85,000/=
Hisaki 3450 psi (Single Phase - Commercial) - Ksh 82,000/=
Pioneer 3450 psi (Single Phase - Commercial) - Ksh 85,000/=
Pioneer 2700 psi (Single Phase - Commercial) - Ksh 65,000/=
Pacwell 2700 psi (Single Phase - Commercial) - Ksh 63,000
Pioneer 2000 psi (Single Phase - Commercial) - Ksh 48,000
Pacwell 2200 psi - (Single Phase - Residential) use: Ksh 28,000/=


AICO 2900 psi (Petrol - Commercial)- Ksh 29,000/=
Pacwell 2750 psi (Petrol - Commercial) - Ksh 42,000/=

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When choosing a car washing machine, one of the dilemmas you will have to solve is whether you should get an electric or petrol powered car washing machine. While the two do the same thing, the operate in different ways, which is what sets them apart from each other. So which one is right for you? Both of them have pros and cons so it all depends on your situation. Let us discuss each a little bit further.

Electric Car Washing Machines

Electric car washing machines require to be connected to a source of electricity to operate. As such, you are only limited to using this machine only where you can get connection to a source of electricity. Or, you might need to invest in a generator to use it where there is no electricity.

Electric car washing machines can have high pressure with some managing upwards of 2000 psi. However, they remain really quiet during operation. They are usually best suited for use around the house.

But, this doesn't limit the applications to only the home as many businesses still use electric car washers.

Petrol Car Washing Machines

One of the major pros of a petrol powered car washing machine is that you can take it with you wherever you want. You are not limited to how far the cord can go or to a place with mains connections. Usually these car washing machines are more powerful than the electric powered ones.

Just like with any other fuel engines, the petrol car washing machine engine will require regular maintenance and checkups to ensure it is working at optimal conditions. Also, it is important to remember that since there is fuel being burnt, then there are fumes produced during operation. As such, this kind of car washing machine should be used in a place that is very well ventilated.