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Chafing dishes

Chafing dishes
Chafing dishes
Chafing dishes

Chafing Dish Prices:

11L, 3 compartments - Ksh 8,500/=
11L, 2 compartments - Ksh 8,300/=
11L, 1 compartment - Ksh 8,000/=

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You've probably seen a lot of chafers in your time. Our stores stock many styles, shapes, designs, and qualities of chafing dishes. That raises the question of what to consider when choosing this equipment. There are other features besides a chafer's capacity and price which you should consider. We will guide you on what to consider when buying one.

The type of chafer

Three different types of chafing dishes are available in our stores, according to how they are heated. Chafers can be heated by fuel, electricity, or induction sources, though some may be more appropriate for particular environments than others. The choice ultimately comes down to preference. Our customer care team will help you choose the most suitable chafing dish.

The chafing dish's design

It would help to consider the chafer's shape when choosing the best one for your eatery. Chafers come in various forms: square, rectangular, circular, and oval. The contents and cosmetic value it adds to an individual's buffet table will be the ultimate determining factors in your choice of chafing dish. We stock chafers of different shapes from which you can select.

Dimensions and volume

Are you planning on serving a lot of food instantly? You must take into account this important factor when selecting a chafer.. Some restaurant supplies have a minimum capacity of 1.75 quarts, 5 quarts, and a maximum capacity of 9 quarts for full-size chafers. Our store's customer care will help you make the best decision on choosing the right size at affordable prices. The chafing dishes prices in Kenya vary depending on size and volume.

Considering the above aspects, among other factors, you will be able to get a quality chafing dish. We are the best distributors nationwide, so that we will give you the best chafing dish at the best price. Don't hesitate to contact us for any purchases or inquiries.