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Chain Block Price in Kenya

Chain Block
Chain Block
Chain Block

Chain block Prices

Chain block 5 ton (3 metres lifting height) - Ksh 22,000

Chain block 3 ton (3 metres lifting height) - Ksh 18,000

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Chain Block Price in Kenya

When it comes to lifting or lowering heavy items, nothing comes in handy like a chain block. Chain blocks allow you to lift and lower heavy items with ease and precision. If you are in the market for one and want to enjoy great chain block price in Kenya, then you are at the right place.

Chain blocks are very easy to maintain and repair if they get damaged. Manual chain blocks do not require any electricity or oil to operate. That means when you buy one it will not cost you anything to operate it for the very many years you are going to have it. A chain block can serve you for a lifetime if you maintain it well and use it properly.

As leading suppliers of chain blocks in Kenya we offer a wide variety of products to cater for different needs. We have both small and heavy capacity chain blocks at varying chain block prices in Kenya. We have chain blocks able to lift up to 50 tons.

To ensure longevity and ease of use, our products come with very simple yet effective designs. The simple but effective design makes our products very easy to maintain and repair.

When purchasing lifting equipment like chain blocks, safety is key. This can only be guaranteed if you purchase from a well-established and reputable supplier and that is where we come in. As leaders in the industry we only stock superior quality and genuine chain blocks that will serve you really well while guaranteeing your safety.

Our products will be long lasting and resilient so you are assured of getting your money's worth out of it. Browse our wide range of products and make your investment with us today. Plus, we offer the best chain block prices in Kenya for all our products. Don't know which chain block is right for you? Don't worry our team of experts is available to help you choose.