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Chips Warmer Prices In Kenya

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Chips Warmer Prices In Kenya

Chips Warmer Display (Locally made) - Ksh 11,000
Chips Warmer Display (mported) - Ksh 28,000/=

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It is a fast food warming appliance that preserves the warmth of chips and burgers. Fast food eateries on the streets find this equipment very expedient. This device allows you to obtain additional potato oil and preserve it.

This tool can genuinely use the one- or two-sided facilities for sandwiches and potatoes while saving money.

The machine that warms chips on two floors is divided into two parts. A piece of the lower floor is used for lubrication, and another serves as a place to store envelopes. For stacking and preserving sandwiches, use the top floor.

Characteristics of a Perfect Commercialized Chip Warmer to Assess

At the pinnacle of each deck, there should be a powerful heat lamp. It should have a potato storage facility and location for potato packages.

Check if it is ceramic in versions with one or two floors. Check if it can be made in the customer's preferred dimensions.

It should possess a steel body that evenly disperses heat. Moreover, it should have a portable steel tank for removing extra oil.

It is vital to check for a guarantee and post-sale support.

Above all, to stimulate impulse buys, make sure the chips warmer is brilliantly painted, has a gleaming finish, and has eye-catching, vigorous signs. Panels provide extra recognition irrespective of where the items are placed in the store.

The chips warmers' dimensions should enable the greatest possible use of the space available when placed on a tabletop or an elevated surface.

The most favorable time to use chips warmer is when many customers are around. In these circumstances, you can ensure client satisfaction by cooking the chips in advance and maintaining their freshness with this machine.

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We are a trading company with a long history of supplying top-quality kitchenware and cafe equipment prepared to offer services in the fast food and catering industries. Our business takes great pride in providing various industrial kitchen tools at affordable chip warmer prices in Kenya.

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