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Concrete test cube Kenya

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Concrete Test Tube Prices

Size 150mm - Ksh 5,000/=

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When you hear about a concrete test cube what comes to your mind? Are you a building contractor and you want to guarantee quality assurance in your construction? Well, we are here to keep you checked. Concrete test cube has boosted the construction industry in Kenya by assessing the quality of different suppliers of concrete and ascertaining which concrete is stronger than the other. Here is all you need to know about concrete test cube in Kenya.

Why you should test concrete- after many clients complained about the poor quality of concrete produced in Kenya, we decided to come up with the mechanisms to prove the qualities of the concrete used in Kenya. Some companies exaggerated the quality of their concrete, but after the introduction of a concrete test tube, cases of quality standards of concrete produced in Kenya have reduced. Visit us to clear your worries about the type of concrete you use for your construction by buying a concrete test cube. Quality concrete will not only produce quality construction but also reduce the risks of collapsing of buildings.

What to do during concrete test tube- a complete concrete test tube follow the three major steps
1. Mix a concrete, then take a portion of the freshly mixed concrete for sampling. Always label the sample to avoid any confusion.
2. Pour the sample into the 3 cube moulds (the cubes depend on the customer's preference). After 24hrs you can then crack them and put them into water tanks.
3. Cubes are left in water tanks for 1 week to 4 weeks after which they are crushed to test their strength. We use a concrete crusher to crush and measure the rate at which the concrete is crushed.

If you had worries about the quality of the concrete to use for your construction, consider investing in a good concrete test cube. Contact us today.