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Deep fryer for chips - Deep fryer price kenya

Deep fryer for chips
Deep fryer for chips
Deep fryer for chips

Our Deep fryer Prices in Kenya

Single 6L (Table top) - Ksh 7,000/=
Double 6L+ 6L (Table Top) - Ksh 12,000/=
Jua Kali Single (Free standing) Ksh 10,000/=
Jua Kali Double (Free standing) - Ksh 20,000/=

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Deep fryer for chips

We will always have a soft spot in our hearts for deep-fried dishes, so many people frequently yearn to consume fried chips. For many people, going to an eatery to eat chips is not financially feasible. The best option is, therefore, to have a fryer at your residence.

Various deep fryers in the market have vital extra capabilities like cooking food in the microwave or steaming it.

Features to Assess in a Deep Fryer

Cooking with oil is not necessary with oil-free fryers, but it is vital with electric deep fryers. Oil-free deep fryers are healthier than deep electrical grills, another important benefit of utilizing them.

They are tender and juicy. Although, the electric pan fryer requires more oil when cooking. Therefore, people prefer to enjoy eating more delectable foods rather than bland meals.

The best domestic deep fryer should have the following features;

Food Storage

The ability of a deep fryer to cook food is the most crucial feature to consider. If you need a small fryer for domestic use, one that holds 2 to 4 liters of oil should suffice. You can choose the fryer by considering the frying basket's size.


Deep fryers include a variable thermostat to retain a consistent temperature for a particular food.


The timer on almost all fryers ranges from half an hour to one hour. As a result, you can select the one that best suits your needs. Setting a timer will allow you to unwind while preparing the food.

Frying Trays

For hot food, deep fryers have up to three frying chambers. Therefore, you can select the fryer depending on your specific needs. Ensure the grip has a smooth touch for a secure hold and that the baskets have hooks to keep it in place.

Simple to Clean

It must be simple to use and clean the equipment. Every component must be easy to clean.

Therefore, you can contact our customer care representatives to assist you in selecting the deep fryer for chips that will best suit your needs.