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Dough mixer price in Kenya

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*****Dough Mixer Prices*****

20 Litres Dough Mixer - Ksh 75,000

30 Litres Dough Mixer - Ksh 85,000

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Dough mixer price in Kenya 

Are you looking for a dough mixer in Kenya? Budget is one of the factors that will be on your mind when making this important investment. The dough mixer price in Kenya depends on the type of dough mixer you are looking for. Dough mixers can be categorized into three broad categories. First, we have the commercial dough mixers. These are huge machines used in big bakeries to mix dough.

The next category is stand mixers. These dough mixers are big, but not huge enough to be categorized as commercial. They are suitable for use in small baking shops, supermarkets and other baking business that do not need the large machines. These machines are stand alone and do not require you to hold them or have any input when they are working. They are also automatic just like the commercial dough makers.

Finally, we have the handheld dough mixers. These are small dough mixers usually used in the kitchen to mix dough for one cake. They are not ideal for business use. Usually, they are not automatic like stand and concrete mixers.

Commercial dough mixers are the most expensive, followed by stand mixers with handheld dough mixers costing the least. However, the price also changes within the Same category of products based on features, quality, power, and other factors. As such a feature filled hand held dough mixer will cost more than one without many essential features.

Are you looking for high quality dough mixers for your business or kitchen? We have just the right products for you. Choose between the most sought after brands and loved features. Plus, enjoy amazing dough mixer prices in Kenya right here with us. Browse our wide range of products and let us help you choose what suits your needs.