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Egg Incubator Price in Kenya

Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator
Egg Incubator

Egg Incubator Price in Kenya

Egg Capacity Incubator Price
64 Eggs Ksh 20,000
128 Eggs Ksh 26,000
192 Eggs Ksh 35,000
300 Eggs Ksh 58,000
528 Eggs Ksh 65,000
1056 Eggs Ksh 82,000
2112 Eggs Ksh 155,000

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An incubator is a machine that mimics bird hatching by holding eggs warmed at a specific temperature and within the optimal humidity, and it has a revolving mechanism that enables the eggs to hatch.

The incubator is a device that controls environmental factors, including humidity, temperature, and rotations, to ensure that fertilized eggs are laid in an enclosure for a successful hatch. There are records of the incubator being utilized to hatch reptile and avian eggs for the continuity of their existence.

It enables the fetus to develop inside the egg without the necessity for the mother to be available to give the required warmth for hatching.

Factors to consider when you want to purchase an Egg Incubator Machine in Kenya;

The egg-holding capacity

The best production of the egg incubator machine comes in when the egg capacity is at the minimum of the device's holding power. Therefore the best way to choose the best machine is to consider the number of eggs you want to hatch. It enables you to buy a device that will give you the best yield.

The accuracy of control of the machine

The accuracy control of the machine enables you to settle for the best incubator machine that has quality control of the humidity, temperature, and rotation for maximum production. The device's accuracy also helps to use the machine over a long period without reducing output in the future.

The incubator lifespan

Another factor to consider is determining the anticipated eggs incubator price in Kenya, when maintaining the incubator and project feasibility by considering how long the hatchery will operate and the price of every replaceable part. It helps you to choose the best long-lasting incubator to reduce the cost of future repair and maintenance of the machine.

The warranty on the machine

The warranty affects the egg incubator price in Kenya mainly because machines with a guarantee regarding the warranty terms and conditions often sell at a higher price than those without it. The best option is to buy an egg incubator machine with a full warranty to avoid spending more money on a short-term fault or breakdown.

Availability of spare parts and after sells service offer.

Our company offers after-sell services to you and the machine's spare parts tend to be off the best price. This factor will you to reduce the total purchase and installation cost by not hiring a third party, especially when you are a first-time user.

Operation type of the machine

Incubators in Kenya that require manual operations tend to have their prices lowered than those machines that operate automatically. However, automatic machines with self-disinfecting UV lambs have an initial cost higher. They tend to reduce your cost later on during operation rather than the manual machines that will, later on, require much more costly labor.

Power backup and energy conservation

The best egg incubator to purchase is one that has a power backup control system and also that that also conserves energy. However, the power serving and backup machines are more expensive due to these added modern abilities than the old ones with no power backup but a manual power system in case of power shortage and power blackout.

In Kenya, we are well-known suppliers of high-quality egg incubators. Our products are sourced from the world's best manufacturers. We are reasonably priced and guarantee the lowest incubator price Kenya. To learn more, please contact us today.