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Engine hoist for sale in Kenya

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Engine Hoist Prices

2 Tonne engine hoist (engine crane) - Ksh 45,000/=

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An engine hoist is an extremely valuable piece if equipment for any garage. The engine hoist allows for easy and quick hoisting of engines when the need arises. Since engines are quite heavy, investing in a hoist enhances work flow in the garage. If you are looking for engine hoists for sale in Kenya then you are at the right place.

We are suppliers of different types of engine hoists imported and some made locally by some of the best Kenyan manufacturers. Our engine hoists are available as manual, electric, and hydraulic. Manual engine hoists are the most basic and feature a series of chains pulled manually to lift the engine. Manual hoists are the most affordable and are best for small garages without a big budget to spare.

Hydraulic engine hoists are very powerful and can be used for very big loads. Electric hoists are fast during operation and quieter than manual and hydraulic hoists. The choice between the three types of engine hoists depends on whether you have power available on site, the loads you will be hoisting and the type of manpower you have.

Engine hoists for sale in Kenya will also be available as either permanent or portable. The portable hoists are usually smaller and can be used for small loads of less than 10 tons with some models supporting even smaller loads. If you offer recovery and other emergency repair services having a portable engine hoist can really come in handy.

When searching for engine hoists for sale in Kenya, pay special attention to the maximum weight the hoist can handle. If you work with trucks and other big vehicles with heavy engines, then you should go for a hoist that is capable of handling that kind of weight. It is best of you go for a bigger capacity than what you think you currently need.