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Feed chopper

Feed chopper
Feed chopper

Electric Motors

Petrol Feed Chopper (with 7.5hp petrol engine) - Ksh 36,000/=
Electric Feed Chopper (with 3 hp motor) - Ksh 38,000/=
Electric Feed Chopper (with 5 hp motor) - Ksh 45,000/=
Diesel Feed Chopper (with 7.5 hp diesel engine) - Ksh 65,000/=

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A feed chopper is a machine used to cut fodder for animals into small pieces. Cutting fodder is very important because it reduces waste, improves quality of your feeds, makes it easy for the animals to digest the fodder and it makes it easy to store. When farming any type of animal, feeds are the most important input factor. It is therefore imperative that you invest in a feed chopper to ensure you make the most of the fodder you have.

Feed choppers are usually used to cut stalk forage including plants such as rice straw, wheat straw, grass, maize stalks and much more. Feed choppers can be divided into cylinder or fly wheel choppers, based on how they cut. Fly wheel choppers are the most common and are usually bigger than the cylinder ones.

The bigger ones can do much more because they have more power. They also usually have a blower used to blow the cut feed into the silage or where it is required making work easier for you. However, it doesn't mean that you should rule out getting a small feed chopper because it is all in meeting your needs and budget. For a farmer with several dairy cows, a small feed chopper will suffice.

Feed choppers are important. They are not items you buy every day also, which makes it easy to make a mistake when choosing one. As such, it is advisable that you rely on a reliable supplier of feed choppers in the country which is where we come in.

We have many years of experience supplying high quality feed choppers to farmers around the country. We only stock the true and tested machines that we know work best for the Kenyan crops. Whether you want to cater for two cows or a large herd of hundreds, we have the right solution for you. Contact us now to learn more.