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Geotextile fabric price in Kenya

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Geotextile Fabric Specifications & Price (Non Woven):

Size: 2 metres x 50 metres (150 gsm) - Ksh 26,000/=
Size: 2 metres x 50 metres (300 gsm) - Ksh 40,000/=

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How many types of fabrics in Kenya do you know? Have you ever heard about geotextile fabrics? Have ever used geotextile fabrics? geotextile is a semipermeable fabric that mainly contains materials of polyester and polypropylene. We will give you a piece of clear information on the major varieties of geotextile fabric available in the market.

Advantages of Geotextile- Geotextiles are popularly used in road construction to reinforce the soil by adding tensile strength. It's also commonly used in roadbed as a rapid dewatering layering. Geotextile membrane make low grade soil usable. They are used in road construction, buildings, dams etc. There are available in 3 types: woven, unwoven and knitted


The main varieties of geotextile include;

Woven geotextile- this type of geotextile comprises interlocking fabric strips. It also comprises polypropylene strips that help it to withstand a huge tension. Most people use woven geotextiles for reinforcement and separation purposes. The most common material used to make the geotextile fabric is a weave. Although the geotextile fabric price in Kenya is high, you can now access it at our place at a reasonable price. Our products are of great quality.

Non-woven geotextile- non-woven geotextile is another type of fabric that you may find at our place at a reasonable price. This type of fabric is made up of either short-staple fibers or continuous filament yarn. Bonding of this fiber is achieved through chemical, thermal or mechanical methods. This type of material is mainly used for filtration, separation, and protection purposes in environmental and civil projects. One can also use the non-woven textiles for groundwater since they don't dissolve in water.

Knitted geotextile- this is the other common type of geotextile commonly used. This type of geotextile is a result of a series of yarn loops interlocked together. To come up with a finely knitted geotextile, one should deploy knitting and weaving techniques.

Since the varieties of the geotextile fabrics have different purposes, one should consider visiting us in case of any questions for better clarifications before making their purchase. Feel free to contact or visit us for any clarifications.