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Jiangdong diesel engine in Kenya

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JD Diesel Engine price List

JD R175 7.5 Hp Ksh 36,000
JD 195 14 Hp Ksh 72,000
JD 1100 16 Hp Ksh 80,000
Jiangdong ZH100WP 16 Hp Ksh 95,000
JD 1105 18 Hp Ksh 82,000
JD 1110 22 Hp Ksh 95,000 (Rope start)
Ksh 105,000 (Key start)
JD 1115 24 Hp Ksh 98,000 (Rope start)
Ksh 120,000 (Key start)
JD 1130 30 Hp Ksh 117,000 (Rope start)
Ksh 132,000 (Key start)
JD 1135 35 Hp Ksh 138,000 (Rope start)
Ksh 155,000 (Key start)

Jiangdong diesel engine in Kenya

One of the best engines you can invest in is the jiangdong diesel engine in Kenya. The Jiangdong diesel engines are made with power, efficiency and durability in mind.

You will find a wide variety of Jiangdong diesel engines in Kenya with different power capacities and capabilities. The choice of the engine depends entirely on the needs that you have. For power intensive uses, you should go for a bigger engine capable of generating more power.

Jiangdong diesel engines are made using modern technology that allows for superb fuel efficiency which is why many people love them. Fuel is getting expensive by the day. As such, people are always on the lookout for engines that are very efficient but do not compromise on performance. If that feels like you then you should consider Jiangdong diesel engines in Kenya. Jiangdong is famous for their one-cylinder energy saving engine.

Their engines have passed all the international standards set including the American EPA and others. As such, you can buy without worrying that you are getting a substandard product.

Are you in the market for Jiangdong diesel engine in Kenya? Like many other people looking to invest in a jiangdon diesel engine in Kenya, authenticity is their main concern. You want to be sure that you are getting the real Jiangdong brand that you can depend on.

The only way to guarantee that you are getting the real Jiangdon diesel engine is by buying from a well- established and reputable supplier. That is where we come in. We are suppliers of original Jiangdong engines with a wide range of horsepower ratings to choose from. Contact us today to learn more about our products.