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Milkshake machine price in Kenya


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Single Milkshake Machine - Ksh 15,000/=
Double Milkshake Machine - Ksh 25,000/=

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Milkshake machine price in Kenya

A milk bar is one of the best business you can start especially in estates. To keep your revenue up, you can also include other milk products like yoghurt and milkshakes in your business. For your milkshakes to be the best, you need a high quality milkshake machine. The milkshake machine price in Kenya will vary depending on the capabilities of the machine you want.

The milkshake machine price in Kenya depends on the power of the machine you choose. High power machines cost more, but they are able to handle more load and work on it faster than low power machines would. For instance, if you are making a banana smoothie, with a powerful machine you can use more bananas and milk to serve more people at once.

The price of a milkshake machine also depends on how many other culinary functions it can perform. Our high quality milkshake machines come with over 6 pieces to enable you to chop, grind, blend, whip, dice and do so much more. As such, you are able to make all types of milkshakes without requiring extra equipment.

When choosing a milkshake machine, performance is very important. It can be very difficult for you as a new customer to know how well a machine performs when you have never used it before. That is why you need a reliable and caring partner to walk the journey with you. We are leading suppliers of milkshake machines and blenders in Kenya with many years of experience.

Our products are handpicked from thousands of products to ensure that we stock nothing but the best. We have the best brands in stock and our products also feature leading industry warranties. As such you can use the machine with peace of mind knowing that you are covered in case of any eventualities.