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Paint Mixer Machine Price in Kenya

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Concrete Mixer
Concrete Mixer

Total Paint Mixer 1400Watts

Product Specifications:

Power: 1400W
Adjustable speed settings for variable mixing options
Voltage: 230V - 50Hz
Weight: 5kg
Speeds: 2
Load Speed: 180 - 480 / 300 - 750 rpm / min
Price: 16,000/=

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Location: SMK Business Center, Enterprise road Nairobi.

Are you interested in obtaining a quality and efficient machine to make your paint mixing easy and efficient? Then look no further for we are here to sort you out. A paint mixer machine is the solution since it is a very efficient and reliable machine in paint mixing.

However, choosing a quality, reliable, efficient and considerably affordable ideal paint mixer machine in Kenya can be an overwhelming task. Therefore I will tell you some important parameters to consider before investing in paint mixer machines and how they affect the prices of the machines.

Consider the safety features of a machine before purchasing one. We offer our clients easy-to-operate interface machines with inbuilt features of safety that prevent paint cans from getting damaged as they rotate at high speeds. Also, the presence of emergency stop buttons and solenoid locks does enable the operator's safety, reliability and added protection.

Another thing to consider is the service of the paint mixing machine. Sometimes, which is not always the case with our machines; the mixer downtime may often hamper the tinting process.

Hence, even as you consider the price, also select a brand with a distributed service network all over the country. We offer brands with a wide distributed service network hence spare parts are easily accessible plus they have low maintenance costs hence lower total cost of ownership.

To ensure a homogenized and smooth paint, the time taken mixing is quite critical. Our mixers have clamp and variable mixing speeds hence this contributes to a higher performance and improves the velocity. This reduces the mixing time by over 50%.

Considerably, machines with a higher mixing speed go for higher prices as compared to ones with a lower mixing speed so we offer these machines at variable prices in relation to the financial ability of our customers.

Accelerate your painting works today by trusting us to supply your painting machine needs for the best experience at your workplace. Our machines are reliable, efficient, and affordable. We are convenient to our clients and offer you the best services at an affordable paint mixer machine price in Kenya.