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Posho mill


Posho mill

A posho mill is a device that grinds grains into flour. Do you want the best quality posho shredder for commercial use? Consider purchasing one from us.

We have the advantage of giving you this opportunity to purchase one from us because our customer reviews have confirmed that our posho mill is the best.

Using a posho shredder can be a profitable business if you know how to manage it and produce high-quality products that fulfill your customers' desires.

Our company also supplies and sells high-quality posho mill machines in Kenya. We aim to bring our customers quality products and also offer professional consultation.

Different types of these mills are available in our company. They include:
1. The electric posho mill that yields grade 2 flour.
2. The combined electric posho mill that produces grade 1 flour.
3. The combined diesel posho mill that produces grade 1 flour huller for maize.
4. A posho diesel mill that produces flour of grade 2.
All these types of mills are available at different prices.

The following are factors you should consider before purchasing a posho mill;
• The source of power – The customer should check if the mill is either diesel or electric powered.
• A customer should be aware of where they begin their milling business - whether it is in an area with no electricity or with electricity.
• A customer should also consider whether the posho mill power is single-phase or three-phase.

Advantages of an electric posho mill
1. Electric posho mill does not produce much sound as compared to the posho diesel mill
2. They produce no smoke while in use
3. They require less maintenance as compared to the posho diesel mill
The advantages of a posho diesel mill
The advantage is that it can be used in areas where there is no electricity.
Finally, because of the high quality of our posho mill machines, it is worthwhile to purchase one from us.