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Scaffolding Kenya

Scaffolding Kenya

Scaffolding Kenya

Are you working on a construction project that requires steel scaffolding and formwork? Do not be worried; you have come to the right place. In Kenya, our company is the most well-known and trusted supplier of scaffolding and formwork. We serve a wide range of clients, including road construction companies, non-governmental associations, government institutions, and real estate firms.

Scaffolding is designed to support the original structure while also providing a platform for construction activities. Scaffolding comes in a variety of styles. They are as follows:

1. Steel scaffolding;
• It is constructed of steel tubes.
• It is simple to erect and dismantle.
• It is simple to erect and dismantle.
• It guarantees safety of workers
• It guarantees safety of workers
• It has excellent fire resistance features.

2. Suspended scaffolding
It is used for painting as well as carrying out repair works.It can either be lifted or lowered at the desired level of the user.

3. Single scaffolding
It is used for brick masonry.Its components are the standards, the putlogs, and the ledgers.

4. Cantilever scaffolding
They are used when:
• The upper part of the wall is undergoing construction
• The ground is close to the walls
• The ground is not capable of supporting the standards.

5. Kwikstage scaffolding
It is easy to assemble and also dismantle. It is used by builders working on both the big and the small projects. You can also use it instead of the regular scaffold.

6. Patented scaffolding
• They are adjustable to the level that a user requires.
• It is made from steel
• There is also scaffolding that is available in the market

7. Trestle scaffolding
Portable ladders support it.It is used for work inside a room, such as repairs and painting.

8. Double scaffolding
It is used for stone masonry jobs. In conclusion, our company is the leading supplier of reliable scaffolding and formwork. Therefore, it is a wise decision to purchase your desired products from us.