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Shade net Kenya

Shade net Kenya
Shade net Kenya
Shade net Kenya

Shade Net price in Kenya

Shade net 50% Dark Green 4m*50m Ksh 18,000
Shade net 55% Dark Green 4m*50m Ksh 20,000
Shade net 75% Dark Green 4m*50m Ksh 28,000
Shade net 90% (Privacy Screen) Dark Green 4m*50m Ksh 50,000
Shade net 100%. Waterproof (Privacy Screen/Car shade) Dark Green/Maroon/Grey/Blue 2.80m*30m Ksh 42,000
Shade net 100%. Waterproof (Privacy Screen/car shade) Dark Green/Maroon/Grey/Blue 2.80m*50m Ksh 72,000
Insect Net White 3m*50m Ksh 18,000
Volume discounts apply.

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Shade netting is a great way of partially blocking the sunlight's intensity to create a cooler environment. Shade netting is used in greenhouses and areas where people sit. There are many shade nets in Kenya you can choose from which can be confusing especially when you do not know the intensity of the sunlight blocked by the net.

The shade nets are designed to block a certain percentage of sunlight intensity to cater for different needs. Some plants, for instance most fruits require more sunlight than other plants. However, you still do not want the whole sunlight intensity to be falling on the plants all the day long. To choose the right shade net Kenya, therefore you need to know how much sunlight intensity you need blocked.

If this is your first time purchasing a shade net, you do not have to worry. Our experts can help you choose the right product for your needs. Whether you are investing for your agricultural needs or you want a shade net to cool off your outdoor sitting area, we have products for everyone.

Besides choosing based on intensity of sunlight blocked, you also need to consider quality. Of course you want a shade net that will last for long. Look for aspects of double stitching technology, tough and resilient materials that do not tear or fray easily. Also, the best shade nets in Kenya are those with UV protection that not only protects what's under the net but also ensures the net is not damaged by the sun's rays.

The shade net price in Kenya is not a problem for those that buy with us. We are suppliers of the best shade net Kenya from top manufacturers locally and internationally. We are therefore able to offer these outstanding products without hurting your pockets. Give us a try today.