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Sliding gate motor price in Kenya


Sliding gate motor price in Kenya

Gates play a vital role in providing security in our compounds. In modern society, unlike in the past, people use heavy metals to make modern gates to guarantee maximum security. To reduce much straining, since one requires much energy when opening them, people and companies have turned to slide gate motors. Centurion sliding gate motor is among the best products made convenient for domestic and industrial purposes. Let's now focus on some of the industrial centurion sliding gate motors.

D10 centurion industrial sliding gate motor

The D10 centurion is one of our best industrial sliding gate motors. Currently, the centurion D10 has no match in the industry. Some D10 centurion features include a battery backup, LCD system set up, swift deceleration and acceleration, an alarm that detects intruders, GCM device for notifications of gates activities, among many others.

D10 turbo industrial centurion sliding gate motor

As the name turbo denotes, this type of sliding gate motor is super-fast than any other in this industry. If you are a timekeeper and always in a hurry, then the D10 industrial centurion sliding gate is the best option. This type of motor is a beast; it can move or operate a heavy weighing gate. The D10 turbo can operate gates weighing 900kg up to 1000kgs or even more without reducing operational speed.

The FAAC 844 industrial centurion sliding gate motor

The centurion FAAC 844 is the other type of industrial sliding gate motor that is a true definition of the best. Amazingly, the centurion FAAC 844 can move gates weighing up to 2100kg or even more. Although this type of sliding gate motor price in Kenya is a bit high, it is worth buying.

We strongly believe that the centurion sliding gate motors have not only excellent product designs with extraordinary performance but also last for more extended periods. Let's join hands and embrace the best experience with the centurion sliding gate motors.