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Solar Water Heater Installation Cost


Solar Water Heater Installation Cost

Are you looking for a reliable and legitimate solar water heater ideal for domestic use at your home and even workshop? We are a top manufacturing company that's always open and ready to serve you. We offer different solar water heaters available in various capacities to meet your needs at affordable solar water heater installation cost in Kenya.

Our solar heater products range from flat plates, integrated heaters, split solar water heaters, solar collectors, and other ideal products. Solar energy is a perfect replacement for lowering the high cost of living incurred due to electric bills. We are always open and available hence our products are the leading in the market. Our pressurized solar water heaters and non pressurized solar water heaters product range from seven stars solar water heater brand are leading in the market.

Our products are leading in the market because we are a licensed, legitimate solar water heater supply company. One key aspect you should consider before purchasing any solar water heater is confirming if the manufacturing company is legally approved.

Our company is approved and meets the standards of products that should be availed in the market for selling. Our products are constantly tested to see if they meet specific criteria, and after clarity, they are proven to be of high quality. Purchasing your solar water heater from us assures you of having quality products.

We also offer a warranty on our products. This is made to certify our customers' preferences and repair your product in case of malfunction. Our warranty services range to an ideal time to ensure our customers are well served and comfortable.

Affordability is our primary goal. Our vision is always set upon seeing every potential customer being able to access our products.

We use modern techniques and technology to manufacture our products. This is meant to ensure our customers get effective quality products and function efficiently.

Our company also offers after-sale services such as installation. We have technicians who are ready to provide both repair and maintenance services. Optimal installation and functioning of your heater is always our duty to fulfill after you purchase a product from us.

You can contact us if you need an affordable solar water heater installation cost Kenya. Buying from us guarantees you'll get affordable, quality, and ultramodern products.