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Towel Warmer Price in Kenya

Towel Warmer Price in Kenya
Towel Warmer Price in Kenya
Towel Warmer Price in Kenya

Towel Warmer Price in Kenya
{With uv sterilizer}

Single Towel Warmer - Ksh 16,000
Double Towel Warmer - Ksh 25,000

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As you all know, a towel warmer is used to warm towels in the bathroom, but did you know that it has other uses? It can be used to warm wet clothing and swimsuits and can also be used in other areas besides being used in the bathroom. Moreover, you can use it to heat the room when installed in other areas of the house.

A towel warmer can be used to reduce laundry loads and water consumption. You can avoid washing your towel daily and prevent bad smells associated with a towel not drying properly by installing a towel warmer.

The towel warmer is a bathroom accessory brought in by the development of technology. Eliminating bacteria-reduced laundry, energy efficiency, and comfort are advantages of using a towel warmer. It is important to note that the towel warmer price in Kenya varies depending on specific features.

Factors that lead to variation in the prices of towel warmers


Towel warmers are not the same, depending on the design. Most customers desire a stylish and functional bathroom. Before buying a towel warmer, you should consider the model according to our desire since they differ from one manufacturer to another. You should consider your budget and your desired design for your towel warmer.


The towel warmer can be hydronic or electric.

A hydronic towel warmer provides heat by running on hot water. It is extremely energy efficient but may take longer to heat up and cannot be moved once installed.

An electric towel warmer uses electricity. It is portable and easy to install.

You can use an electric towel warmer if you do not want to install it permanently. The two types have different prices.

Style and size

There are different sizes and styles of towel warmers, such as modern and traditional. Small and huge towel warmers have different prices. If you have a family bathroom, you should choose a huge towel warmer to dry more towels. However, choose a small towel warmer if you want to dry one towel at a time.

Our company supplies multiple sizes, types, and models of towel warmers at an affordable price. With the aid of our sales representatives, you will have towel warmers that meet your needs, desires, and budgets. You can contact us right now to have one or learn more about our towel warmers.